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International Friendship Group (IFG) was formed more than 25 years ago in order to connect various people with similar interests, such as arts, music, travel etc.  Many of IFG members were not born in the United States and are aware of difficulties one can meet being new to this country.  Our members are willing to help foreign students and scholars adjust and feel more at home in the U.S. 

One of our programs involves matching new international students with host families, so that both parties can learn more about each other’s culture.  We are currently involved with the UNH Host Family Program.  This hospitality program enriches both the community and the lives of the international visitors and has resulted in long-lasting friendships between local families and families from all over the world. 

We join in welcoming and meeting foreign students and scholars at the UNH President’s Reception in September.  During the school year we host gatherings each month in our homes and occasionally on campus, with food and speakers or entertainment.  Our gatherings are usually held on the second Thursday of the month, unless we make special arrangements for another day.   

Our speakers include world travelers, politicians, historians, pilots, UNH professors, architects, artists etc. UNH students and scholars are also welcome to be speakers at our gatherings. Our presenters talk about their countries and cultures, as well as anything else they find exciting to introduce other people to.  Please let us know if you would like to be a speaker.

Invitations to our gatherings are distributed by OISS (Office of International Students and Scholars) via e-mail to all UNH foreign students and scholars.  So next time, when you see an invitation from IFG, you should have a better idea of who you may meet and what you may expect from this gathering. 

We are a non-profit group supported by our own dues from which UNH students are exempt. 

Please feel free to come to our meetings, ask questions or make suggestions.  We are looking forward to seeing our old friends and also meeting new people. 


Inna A. Vozlinski Lehman

IFG President





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